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Zoo Creatures Has Amazing Arachnids Available In Store

Fascinated Or Frightened By Arachnids?

Many people have an intense fear of our arachnid friends but for the most part, these creatures are harmless and very misunderstood. We have a few different types of tarantulas and scorpions for sale at Zoo Creatures.  Please stop by or call to find out what fuzzy and glowing creatures are in stock.

Products For Your Spiders and Scorpions

Tarantulas and scoprions really don’t require a lot of time or money to properly setup.  They prefer small tanks and don’t need a lot of cute decor or expensive lighting.  We carry several different types of tanks and vivariums for spiders and scorpions as well as the perfect substrate, trees and bark that each creature needs.

Come Into Zoo Creatures To See Our Beautiful Arachnids!

Whether you’re looking for an arachnid to purchase or just want to come in to try and overcome your arachnophobia, we’re here to help.  We love to have customers come into the store for any reason and we are always available for assistance, to answer your questions and offer helpful tips on caring for your pets.