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Zoo Creatures Has an Amazing Selection of Animals Just Waiting to be Your Special Pet



Whether you’re a newbie reptile person or an experienced herper, our reptile selection is sure to please everyone. We have not one, but two reptile rooms – fully stocked with all kinds of beautiful snakes and lizards.  


Zoo Creatures also has amphibians, turtles, tortoises and invertebrates like tarantulas and scorpion on display and ready to go home with you.  We have a 12,000 gallon aquarium and showroom stocked with a variety of freshwater fish, pond fish and inverts.  


Come into Zoo Creatures today and see all of the amazing animals we have waiting to meet you!

NERD is our parent company, so of course, we have the most extensive selection of gorgeous ball-pythons anywhere.

You may be surprised to learn that lizards are wonderful pets and can be very loving and social. Stop by to see the lizards we have available - Beardies, Geckos and other great lizards.

At Zoo Creatures, our fish department has a great selection of freshwater fish, pond fish, and inverts. Available fish include Angel Fish, Betta Fish, Goldfish, Ciclids, Suckerfish, Rainbow Sharks and so many others.

From gentle giants to tiny turtles, Zoo Creatures has many types of tortoise and turtles available for you to purchase.

Amphibans are truly amazing pets and come in many different colors and sizes. We have dart frogs and pacman frogs and even newts and salamanders.

Don't fear our arachnid friends. For the most part, these creatures are harmless and very misunderstood. We have a few different types of tarantulas and scorpions for sale at Zoo Creatures.

Don't think about insects as pests! Insects are important to the ecosystem and are fascinating pets. Stick bugs, leaf bugs and praying mantis’ are just a few examples of the insects available for sale.