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Zoo Creatures Carries All The Pet Supplies and Product Brands That You Love and Trust to Keep Your Pets Happy and Healthy!

Stop by Zoo Creatures today and pick up all your pet supply needs to keep your animals healthy and happy! At Zoo Creatures, we carry all the brands you love and trust like Zoo Med, Flukers, Zilla, Exo Terra, Fluval, OmegaOne, Rephashy and more. We also carry great brands that you may not be familiar with but definately should try out! We have brands like The BioDude, OmegaOne and Galapagos.  The BioDude has a great line of products that will help you setup a healthy bioactive vivarium or palludarium and Galapagos has an amazing selection of terrarium mosses to create that perfect terrarium or enclosure for humid environments.

Find the perfect enclosure or vivaruim setup for your special pet at Zoo Creatures. From ball pythons to bearded dragons and adorable tarantulas, we have habitat setups to house your pets.

Reptiles, fish & turtles need special foods and diets. Zoo Creatures carries bugs (live and freeze dried), live and frozen prey, pinkies, flakes and supplements. Feed your pet properly and nutritiously!

It's not just decor! Plants, driftwood, basking rocks, backgrounds, vines and other objects allow your pet to live happily in an enclosure. Come in to see our habitat decor for pet's enclosures.

Live Plants

Zoo Creatures sells a variety of live plants for bioactive vivarum and other enclosures. Many extics flourish when live plants are included in their setups. Bonus, our plants make great houseplants too!

Proper heating & lighting leads to the overall good health of your pet. Setting up lighting and heating can be difficult; we are here to help! FInd heating and lighting equipment at Zoo Creatures.

We offer a variety of fresh water aquarium supplies including live plants, food, decor and more. Find everything you need to setup and keep your aquarium and your fish happy and healthy.