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Insects and Isopods Available at Zoo Creatures

Insects And Isopods Make Great Pets – And Cleaners!


Stop thinking about insects as pests! Insects are important to the ecosystem and many are fascinating pets. Stick bugs and leaf bugs and praying mantis’ are just a few examples of the insects that we have for sale.  These bugs are fun to watch and many don’t mind being handled. You do have to be gentle when handling as they are fragile creatures.  Isopods, aka pill or sow bugs, are not only fascinating pets but also industrious cleaners in a bioactive vivarium or habitat. Did you know that isopods are related to lobsters, shrimp and crabs?  Come to Zoo Creatures and see all of the beautiful and amazing insects and isopods available for sale. We will help you pick out the perfect bug pet or help you get started with isopods in a bioactive environment. 


Habitat and Other Products For Insects And Isopods


We carry a large selection of the products you need to setup a bioactive habitat or a vivarium that will keep your new insect or ispods healty and happy. Find the perfect terrarium, container and foods at Zoo Creatures


Come Into Zoo Creatures To See Our Insects and Ispods!


Whether you’re looking for a new pet praying mantis or just browsing, we love to have customers come into the store.  We are always available for assistance and to answer your questions and offer helpful tips on caring for your pets.