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Find Foods and Nutritional Products for Your Pets at Zoo Creatures

Keep Your Pet Healthy and Well Fed, Shop Our Large Selection of Food and Nutrition Products. 


Reptiles, amphibians, arachnids, turtles and fish require specialized diets and supplements.  We stock only the most trusted brands so that you can be sure the foods and supplements you are feeding your exotic pet are top-quality.  We also have an assortment of pet foods for small furry creatures like fancy rats and sugar gliders.  Please call for availability!


Pet Foods You’ll Find Include Live and Frozen Prey, Live Insects, Flakes, Pellets, and Freeze Dried too! 


Come into Zoo Creatures to get stocked up on healthy, nutritious foods for your pet.  We have live and frozen rodents, crickets, roaches, fruit flies, hornworms and waxworms, fish and turtle food and supplements like calcium too.


Call for Availability


Call and ask to speak with someone about a special pet food or nutritional supplement product today! 603-382-3338