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Find Your Pet's Heating and Lighting Supplies at Zoo Creatures

Basking and UVB Bulbs, Ceramic Heaters, Hygrometers and Other Heating and Lighting Products


One of the most important things to do when you are setting up your new pet’s habitat is to buy the proper lighting and heating equipment. Reptiles, amphibians and insects require particular heat gradients that can include temperatures of 110F or as low as 70F.  Many reptiles require specific levels of UVB lighting to help them absorb calcium and stimulate vitamin D3.  UVB lighting and correct heat temperatures also help many reptiles to properly digest their food. 


We Have Heating and Lighting Products for Your Pets


Zoo Creatures carries everything you need to heat and light your animal’s tank or enclosure.  We carry basking bulbs in many different sizes and strengths along with dome lamp fixtures to house the bulbs. We also have UVB bulbs that range from coil bulbs to T5 and T8 UVB bulbs.  You’ll find terrarium hoods for UVB bulbs that can be placed on top of a screen cover or mounted in the tank.  Heated rocks and heat mats/pads as well as heat sensors and thermometers are always in stock. 

Visit the Zoo Creatures Aquarium Supplies page to learn about the types of supplies that we carry for fish and other aquatic animals. 

Confused About Your Pet’s Heating and Lighting Needs?


Come into Zoo Creatures and ask our knowledgeable staff to help you with the correct heating and lighting for your animal.  We will show you the products we have and give you ideas and suggestions as well.  You can also call us at  603-382-3338 with any heating or lighting questions that you may have.