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Lizards For Sale - Beardies, Geckos and more

Zoo Creatures Carries Many Different Types of Lizards and Caiman too - Many Born and Bred Right Here!

Lizards Make Great Pets! 


We sell Bearded Dragons, Geckos, Uromastyx, Skinks and other loveable lizards.  You may be surprised to learn that lizards are wonderful pets and can be very loving and social. Keeping a lizard as a pet may have a few challenges but we are here to set you and your new pet lizard up for health, happiness and success.


Products For Your Lizard 


We carry a full selection of products for your lizard.  Live bugs and freeze dried bugs as well as several different types and styles of vivariums and enclosures. You can find all your heating and lighting needs at Zoo Creatures too. 

Come Into Zoo Creatures or Shop Online!

Whether you’re looking for a beardie, a tegu or a blue tongue skink, we have a variety of loveable lizards for sale in store and online. We offer online shopping for liards in partnership with our parent company NERD. Don’t want to ship? You can also buy online and pick up in store! We’d love to see you and talk to you about lizards! When you come into the store we are always available for assistance and helpful tips.  

Shop Zoo Creatures and NERD online for Lizards!
We will ship your new lizard or you can pick it up in the store.

Check Out NERD For Other Exotic Lizards – Buy Online & Pickup In Store Available

If you’re looking to purchase a Monitor or a Caiman or Tegu, please visit NERD Lizards. NERD has a variety of Water Monitors for sale including CBB Asian Black Dragons and CBB Albino Monitors as well as a variety of Tegus available.