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Zoo Creatures Has a Huge Assortment of Substrates and Important Habitat Needs, Accessories and Decor

Your Pet’s Home Enclosure Setup Needs – Substrate, Decor and More. 


It’s not just substrates or habitat decor! Everything you put in your animal’s tank serves a purpose. Substrates, plants, floating ramps, basking rocks, backgrounds, vines, hides and even rocks allow your pet to live happy and healthy in an enclosure. We have a large assortment of habitat needs and decor for your pet’s enclosure.


Habitat Needs and Decor for Reptiles like Snakes and Lizards, Small Animals and Other Creatures


Reptiles, arachnids, insects and fish all have specific habitat setup needs so that they can not only survive, but thrive.  Substrates for example, are an important part of a correct habitat setup for reptiles and are the materials that go on the floor/bottom of an enclosure or tank.  Substrates include coconut husks, moss, bark, reptile carpet and sand.  You can even use slate tiles, paper towels or non-adhesive shelf liner for the bottom of an enclosure.  Hides are also important in a tank and serve as, you guessed it, a needed hiding place.  Many animals must have a quite place they can go to cool down, rest, sleep, and hide away from their humans.  Many animals use their hides as objects to climb on, like thick vines, rocks, floating platforms and basking platforms.


Driftwood, Stone and Mopani Wood Available in the Store


We have a HUGE selection of driftwood and mopani wood in all shapes and sizes in the store.  You’ll find such a great assortment of driftwood and mopani that you might not be able to make up your mind on which to buy! We also have a great selection of stones and rocks of various sizes, suitable for reptile enclosures, aquariums and ponds. 


Looking for Aquarium Supplies?


Visit the Zoo Creatures Aquarium Supplies page to learn about the aquarium supplies that we carry for fish and other aquatic animals. 


Confused About Substrates or Habitat Decor?


Come into Zoo Creatures and ask our knowledgeable staff about what your pet’s habitat requirements and needs are.  We will be able to show you the products we have and give you ideas and suggestions as well.  You can also call us at  603-382-3338 with any habitat questions that you may have.


Zoo Creatures Has Coconut Coir

Watch Our Coconut Coir Video

Coconut coir is a pH neutral, sustainable substrate material that works great for a wide variety of reptiles! 

Coconut coir is a repurposed waste product from the coconuts that are sold in supermarkets. Coconut coir is all of the material that’s found from the husk to the inner shell.  When this material is ground down, it creates a product almost like peat moss.  It’s highly absorbent and retains moisture, making it a great substrate/bedding for frogs, some geckos, chameleons and other moisture loving animals.

We sell compressed bricks of coconut coir here as an alternative to cypress mulch for a very reasonable price, a little goes a long way! 

Try it out with your reptiles, we love it. 🥥 🌴 ♻

Watch our video